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Create a Theme Song for a 3-D animated cartoon, Vocals with no words.  Theme song must be no less than 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes can be as long as you wish to create the perfect Jazz Vocals Trance Music.

Drum sets is to be replace using Bongo Drums only.

This invite ad goes out for all the Recording Studios, Musicians, Bands, Dj Mix’s & Dub's, and anyone else who wishes to create a Theme Song for a 3-D animated cartoon.  Soon as this website is online is when the clock starts in the month of May 2016.  And then the coming month of December 2016 is when the chosen one will be picked for the new Theme Song only if it’s the right sound we’re looking for.  The chosen one will be paid $2,000.00 as agreed.  The new song is then to be posted on this temporally website as proof along with a new copyright of the Author & Ownership for the Theme Song.  This new copyright will be registered or pending at the U.S. Library of Congress, Copyright Office, 101 Independence Avenue, S. E., Washington, D.C. 20559-6000.  Once we have a new theme song then all the info & pages on this website will be transferred over to a new custom made creative website builder who is a 5 star website & design builder.  This is a parking space copy & paste website to be used as an advertisement only.       

~ Contract Agreement ~

Omaji Tribe

YouTube Videos

is where the copyright music law contract will be written up and signed.  And then and only then you will received $2,000.00 transaction by using your email name. is 100% safe on all & any transaction.  This way you can be safely paid from anywhere around the world.     

                                      Good News!  The Omaji Tribe is here.  Working & waiting for a new Theme Song.

Harmony sectors – you can have as many harmony section as you wish for different range (pitch) to create your song trance music.  The more harmony section you use for different sound the better & more creative the song music you will have.  There will be more than enough characters for your unlimited harmony section and five members of the Omaji Tribe musicians.  And they are: Omaji Tribal Chief & 4 protégé warriors.  The five Omaji Tribe musicians will sing without using words & play all instruments that is needed for the Jazz Vocals Trance Music theme song.  To protect the secrets of the making of the 3-D animated cartoon is why you are not to know at this time how all the harmony characters musicians can fill in and take on all of your unlimited harmony sections as needed.  This will not be a problem.  Just pretend you’re going to a huge big Island beach party where all the characters will gather & join in for the harmony sound along with the Omaji Tribe musicians.


Once the Theme Song is completed the Author & Ownership of the song must have a copyright or copyright pending in the United Sates in order to complete the Contract Agreement between the Author & the Omaji Tribe cartoon.  To complete the contract agreement is for the Omaji Tribe cartoon to have royalty free use of the song and to be used in anyway long as it’s related to the Omaji Tribe cartoon for all and any sales purpose.  The author & ownership of the song will remain as the 100% ownership of the Omaji Tribe cartoon theme song.  No one else is to have the rights to the theme song except the author & ownership.  If this is agreeable then the

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Loyalty / Investment

Instruction for Creative Ideas

Something to think about.
Voice Range – Low, Mid, High, & Upper High

Rasby Voice

From the 4 Coaches on the "Voice" show.

Here are a list of YouTube music video links all having similar vocal sounds without using words.  You are to take that sound and create a song along with new sound, and many more, and also with lots of harmony to create a new theme song for a 3-D animated cartoon.  You are to listen to all the video links you have below.  Listen to the video links that is 10 minutes or shorter from beginning to end.  The others that is longer than 10 minutes to 2 hours or more you should at least listen 10 minutes in.  Any questions use my contact info.  


 OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole      3:47 

 Chill Out Ambient Mix - A State of Tranquility  -------------  The birds you hear is to be in the song too, not much.      1 hr. & 11 min.

 Ocean's Life      6:55

  Jazzra - The Only One      4:06

  Most Beautiful Song / Music Ever Written - Relaxing Meditation       4:52

  Romantic Saxophone [HD] (I Believe - Karu)    --------------------------------    Saxophone      5:24

 Cafe del mar - volumen 1 Jose Padilla-Agua      7:39

 Cafe Del Mar - We Can Fly       6:07

 I FEEL YOU       5:25  

 Hird ( feat. Yukimi Nagano ) - I Love You My Hope      7:10

 'Forgotten Dreams' Mix      1 hr. & 27 min.

  MALDIVES Relaxing Chill-Out Luxury Lounge      1 hr. & 27 min.

 Chill Out Relax Music - Spirit of the South part.1      2:58 

  Makis Soulis - Walking with you      6:44

  Blue Stone - Labyrinth of Dreams      4:06

 Blue Lounge - Desert Dream      4:08

 From cairo - ride my camel (oriental lounge)      6:49

 St Regis Resort Bora Bora          ---------------------------------------------------    
Indian Flute      3:04   

 Ariadne II - Chill Out Music      3:58

 Cafe Del Mar - 30 Anniversary      2 hr. & 23 min.

 Buddha Bar XVI – 2014      2 hr. & 21 min.

 Chillout Deep House ~ Tropical Beach Mix      1 hr. & 16 min.

  Lisa Gerrard Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free      4:14      

 Endless Harmony ( Lisa Gerrard & Patrick Cassidy - Elegy )      6:39

 Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke - Shadow Magnet      7:30

 Lisa Gerrard "Redemption II" HD      9:00

 The End - Man On Fire (OFFICIAL FULL SONG)      4:59

 JoJo - Effect You Know           -----------------------------------------------------    
Saxophone      3:14             

 Lovers Lane - Private Session         ------------------------------------------        
Saxophone – deep low voice      4:50

 Lounge Collection by Paulo Arruda - March | 2011 – HQ        ----------       
Saxophone      1 hr. & 3 min.      

 Lounge Collection 5 | Rio Chillout by Paulo Arruda         ------------------      
Saxophone                         1 hr. & 1 min.

 Cafe Del Mar: New Beginning - Another Day          ------------------------       
Saxophone      5:55

 Raul Paz - Mulata and Mua Mua Mua                                             7:07

 The Lushlife Project - Popular Secret      5:56

 Sunset boulevard girl one day      4:58

  Lounge - You Make Me Say - Blue Sky Blonde      3:25

 Bossa Nova - Walking On The Moon      4:00

 Sahsenem - Gözyaşlarım Anlatır      4:43

 Brazilian Jumble - O Sol Que Beija Voce      4:36

 Cafe Del Mar - Camiel - Take Me To This Place      5:55       

 Sundayman - Now That I Found You      4:26  

 Clelia Felix - Always In My Mind      3:51

 Naoki Kenji · Pat Appleton - Modern Unreal      5:36

 Rado - It Ain't Over Till It's Over      4:19

 Café del Mar - Chillout Mix Vol. 1 (2015)      52:00  

 Café del Mar - Chillout Mix 2015 (Official Year Mix)      1 hr. & 8 min.

 Deep Lounge IBIZA ‪| Essential Chill Out Beats from the best Cafés and Bars      1 hr. & 36 min,

 Sima Deep - Make Me Flow      2 hr. & 3 min.

 Stranger in The Courtyard      2:43