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Business Domain Name Lease Agreement (?)

Use the business name & art anyway you wish to do so for your artwork.
If and when a company decides to use this domain name, then to whom the artist maybe, will be awarded $1,000.00.

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Due to so many investments going on we are not hiring any artists at this time for the business name & logo artwork.

For the younger generation who are very talented with their artworks and have nothing better to do for their pastime and would like some recognition for their talent if you are not letting the world see your art skills, you might want to consider this an opportunity to promote your work on this website.  We can also recommend 4 giant networks for artists to sign up so your clients may view your artworks and to hire you for their art projects.

What this business name “ 13th Ghost Alarm Systems “ needs is an advance logo artwork that is beyond a simple standard business name art logo.  You are to focus on having a modern 20th century of a Da Vinci mind artwork & his past at the same time.  Below is just a sample.

13th Ghost Alarm Systems