When you’re on the Island of “Worid” and you hear the Tribal Congo Drums beating music, you can be sure the Omaji Chief 4 protégé warriors are celebrating their tribal dance around a bonfire with every creatures on the Island.  The 3 videos you see are their Omaji dance style.

Work in Progress

The 3 dog knights are out of rehab and beginning their new life style.

Scroll down @ the bottom to read about the progress update.

​All Artworks Are Copyrights Own By Gregory R. Gibson

The new Fagdog, Liam, & Sammy images.  Don’t even try to guess what the new cartoon is all about.  I will say this much, Fagdog wife is deceased and left with a flower store to take over.  Ever since his wife is no longer around her store has been left alone and running down and piling up with empty flower pots & vases.  The rest of the fantasy story will remain as a secret until the work is complete.  I will let you see some of the images of the characters to have you wondering & guessing how the story all falls in place :) Yes this will be an awesome cartoon video that will be like a Disney film.  Y E S, Liam & Sammy are comedians on the sidewalk:)      

Fagdog domain name is equal to a trademark and has a future value of a long term multi million dollars return investment.  I the owner will not sale or take any bribes, but will accept partnership.  Once the work is completed only then you'll see the potential and have a better understanding.  Their are those who lacks of creative visions of the future and therefore have no say.  And their are those who are willing to ruin lives to get what they wish for. 

Fagdog  World

Below is known as the "Fagdog Worid" Island where the "Omaji Tribe" lives among with all other exotic animals & creatures.

As of today April 04/14/2017 we are moving right along with Fagdog & Florist newest artworks toward 3-D animation.  The Omaji Tribe is complete.  You now have the Omaji Tribal Chief & his 4 warriors.  The artworks on Fagdog & Florist is complete.  Liam & Sammy are now complete as you will see working for Fagdog @ his Fagdog Florist Store.  The Fagdog Florist store is now complete. The architect building designer was created by gR himself.

Now we will start creating & stocking up Fagdog Florist Store with its own original flowers to be sold around the world.

Stay tune for more progress as we continue on.  You're gonna love this new creative wake up call in the future.

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