Is now the newest & another coolest cartoon for kids.  Don't even try to guess

what this 3-D animation is about.  But I assure you this will put a smile

​on there faces.  Not even a hint, kids are just gonna have to wait.

Fagdog Florist have now been created for animation and is a very beautiful Fairy with Wings thanks to the Author out of New York.  She is a one of kind that you normally don't see on the TV networks.  Again that's all I can say for now. 

Fagdog has a new tie and two of his favorite buddies, Liam&Sammy.  Liam & Sammy now have been created into animation with many thanks to the Author out of New York.  They were known as the 3 Dog Knights back when all 3 were in Rehab where they have met each others and now are friends for life.  Again that's all I can say for now.

Omaji Tribe

The Omaji Tribal Chief & 4 of his protégé warriors pyramid is slowly rising to the point of no return of there existent.  There images is now complete and it's AWESOME .  Thanks to the Author out of New York.

Theme song & 3-D animation is next.

​Who wants to be a part of the investment creation?



Loyalty & Investment

Keep this in mind all the animation characters will be printed for children books, clothing, & so on when the animation cartoons is up & running for a wonderful entertainment for TV networks and full of laughter’s. 

Boodeaux has been transformed into his newest look and is now the coolest surfer alive today, and that's all I can say for now.

New Updates  12/14/2016