I am a person with never ending ideas.  I come up with new ideas then hire nothing but the best people for the businesses I am only interested in.

My job position for all my businesses is to be co-CEO.  Like I said I'm an idealist business person that is always profitable for the future. 


Loyalty & Investment

Ribsters GWK

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I am looking for an investor or investors for a new Brand Name to be had as a trademark & franchise for the

twin-city of Council Bluffs, IA & Omaha, NE.  I have two prime location, first is I-80 & 24st Exit Council Bluffs, IA in front

of JCPenny and next to Texas Road House I prefer.  Or save some money and take next Lake Manawa Exit #3 and take over the large close down car dealership that is easily to renovate.  Council Bluffs IA on I-80 is a five star * * * * * tourist location to be had right now while the time slot is open for grab.   

If interested email me at:  VintageClassic58@aol.com